During Lockdown I will offer a series of Online Ballroom/Latin Dance Classes.:

Friday 6-7pm Intermediate Latin/Ballroom Dance Class – Couples and Solo Dancers welcome!

After a short warm up,  the class will focus on an Intermediate figure in the dance covered that week and a short mini sequence with this figure will be covered. I will explain both the Leader’s and Follower’s parts. Aspects of technique and leading and following as well as spatial awareness will be covered.  The class is designed to fit small spaces.

Suitable for both Couples and Solo Dancers wanting to learn their part in the dancing partnership in depth. Time for Q & A will be given.

Saturday 3-4pm Solo Latin Dance Class with a focus on technique and performance aspects. A class suitable for all levels.

You will learn a short sequence and we will focus on technique and performance aspects. This is a great class for developing your own dancing and to support learning about spatial awareness as well as technique and performance aspects. Designed for small spaces.

Time for Q & A will be given.

Monday 6-7pm Basic Latin & Ballroom Dance Class (suitable for Beginners; a great class for everyone wishing to brush up on the Basics) – Couples and Solo Dancers welcome!

I will teach a short basic sequence from a different dance each week and cover both the Leaders and Followers steps. Designed to fit small spaces. This is a great class to brush up on the basics of the Ballroom and Latin dances as well as to learn a very small sequence designed to fit on a crowded dance floor and/or in a small space alike.

Aspects of technique will be covered and time for Q & A will be given.


The schedule for the next 3 classes will be as follows:

Friday 26th February, 6-7pm: We will be doing the Jive in the Intermediate class.

Saturday 27th February, 3-4pm: The theme this Saturday will be the Rumba in the Solo Latin Dance Class.

Monday 1st March, 6-7pm: We will continue to be looking at the Argentine Tango in the Beginners/Basic class. 

Both Solo dancers and Couples are welcome to join in all classes.

The price for each class is £8 per person. If you would like to register please send me an email.